Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)


Students are encouraged to use the following virtual learning tools and platforms at home and at school:

(More information on student logins and passwords will go home and will be posted here during the first two weeks of school)



PLEASE NOTE:  Students now have a board email and have the capability to email each other within DP Cloud. They are reminded that their board email is for educational purposes only (i.e., when collaborating with other students on assignments online). As with teachers and board staff,  board email and online activity is monitored by Dufferin-Peel’s ICT department.  Any inappropriate use of student board email and/or inappropriate online activity will not be permitted and will be consequenced.

Digital Citizenship websites and fun learning activities:

Common Sense Education Games

Cyberwise Digital Games

Media Smarts


Virtual Learning Platforms and Tools:

Microsoft Office 365 (Including Dufferin-Peel Student Email)

All students in Dufferin-Peel have access to the Microsoft Office 365 platform and have a Dufferin-Peel student email address which is protected within our board’s own DP Cloud. Only staff and students of Dufferin-Peel use this online platform, which can be accessed at school, home, or from anywhere where students have access to the internet. This platform includes free use of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, OneNote Online programs.

To login from home, students must go to the Dufferin-Peel Student Dashboard page:

Username: (Student Number)
Password: (Student’s password – same one used to login at school)


Google Classroom

All students in Dufferin-Peel also have access to the Google Apps for Education platform, which is also within our DP Cloud network and accessible from school, home, or anywhere with internet access.  Before logging in from home please make sure that you are in GOOGLE CHROME, please download GOOGLE CHROME onto your device if you do not currently have it.  

To login from home, students should always login to GOOGLE classroom from the Dufferin-Peel website Students Dashboard

Click on the green box for GOOGLE Classroom
Enter your student number followed by  (Ex.
At the next screen, login using your board student number and password.

Username: (Your Student Number)

Password: (Student’s password – same one used to login at school)


Brightspace by D2L Virtual Learning Environment (Virtual Classroom)

Students will also be using the Dufferin-Peel Brightspace (D2L) virtual learning platform to support our Grade 4/5 curriculum throughout the year.  Our Grade 4/5 virtual learning course will be activated and you will be able to login and begin using the course materials and tools.  Please make use of the Elementary Student Toolkit & Carousels for Grade 4/5 where you can practice many of the concepts and skills that we will be learning this year, using some fun games and activities.

*Further information and Login instructions are posted in our GOOGLE classroom.


How to Access to DPCDSB eBooks and Library Resources from Home

As a Dufferin-Peel student, you have access to our eBooks and Online Library Resources.

To access and borrow ebooks online follow the instructions in the link below:

Borrowing DPCDSB eBooks From Your Home (instructions)



All students in Grades 1-6 began using the All About Me Portfolio. This online learning and educational planning site will be used in class and students will be required to complete some of their activities online, both at school and at home. They will continue to develop their All About Me Portfolio (myBlueprint) in Grade 7 & 8 and it will follow them to high school.  


Go to:

Username: DPCDSB

Password: OEN number (Ms. Ricardo gave you this in class) 



Our class will be using Prodigy to support and practice skills and concepts learned in our math program.  I have created an account for everyone in our class.  If you already have a Prodigy account, you may join our class Prodigy account by signing in to:

Our Class Code is:  0D0A2E


Knowledgehook Login Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Enter our class code: zip9762
  3. Select your name
  4. Choose a password
  5. Choose an avatar and finish setting up your account
  6. Go to missions and begin playing the missions that I have assigned you.


TVO mPower

Our class will also be using mPower to support and practice skills and concepts learned in our language, math, social studies and science & technology programs.  mPower is based on our Ontario curriculum and is run by TVOntario. I have created an account for everyone in our class.  Please go to:  and login using the username and password that you have been given in class.


Fun Educational Websites to Support Concepts and Skills Learned in Class (no logins required):

TVO Kids Online Interactive Learning Resources and Videos

Khan Academy

Math Antics


Math Clips

Money Laughs math videos

Estimation 180

Which One Doesn't Belong?

Would You Rather?

Math is Fun

Cool Math Games

Math Frog


Math Playground

Visual Patterns

Online Virtual Math Manipulatives

Solve Me Mobiles

Scientists in School Online Resources

Agscape Ontario Interactive Game (Agriculture and Healthy Eating)

Hour of Code Online Activities

PBS Kids Online Games

CBC Kids Online Games and Videos